Maximizing Growth with Sales Enablement

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Increasing revenue efficiency requires a new mindset, processes and tools. Revenue Enablement, a methodology of aligning and enabling your whole revenue team, is key in achieving that.

By leveraging these strategies, companies can increase sales and marketing productivity, reduce opportunity costs, enhance customer satisfaction, and grow their business quicker than before.

During this session you will hear from seasoned Enablement leaders, Irina Soriano, VP Enablement at Seismic, Anthony Fritsch, Global Head of Sales Enablement at CoachHub and Kfir Pravda, CEO at PMG about:

Increasing revenue efficiency with Sales Enablement

Unlocking the full potential of your sales team

Lessons from the field from those doing it successfully

You will leave the session with a list of KPIs to track, the known pitfalls and how to get it right the first time.

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