Strategy for Quick Wins and Long Term Growth

Start with a robust account-based strategy covering content, channels and campaigns, without sacrificing short-term wins for a long-term strategic approach. With a proven, scalable, and repeatable framework covering both Marketing and Sales, PMG provides a structured process to plan, execute and measure account-based programs, integrating Marketing and Sales in one orchestrated motion.

Holistic Account Engagement - Outbound and Inbound

Run orchestrated and personalized outbound programs including advertisement and outreach, with inbound experiences tailored to each account and persona. Do so whilst engaging in the customer’s full buying cycle from awareness to renewal.

Get the Support You Need

From strategy to hands on execution, with Account 360, PMG helps you to execute your account-based strategy. Together, we will identify your available internal resources to run these plans, and support you by providing what’s missing with our team of experts and ecosystem of partners.

An Account-Based Technology Ecosystem at Your Fingertips

PMG’s Account 360 Technology Stack and Advisory covers everything needed to turn your organization to a top-of-line account-based organization. From configuring your current stack for account-based programs, to augmenting it with the required technology, to building your account based stack from scratch, our know-how and technology ecosystems are here to answer your needs.

Account 360 Technology Stack

Setup your CRM, marketing automation, content experience, and sales engagement platforms for an account-based approach

Create conversational account experience
Setup account-specific content hubs
Utilize video to maximize account-based
Scale account outreach and engagement
Engagement platform driving sales-ready accounts
Inbound Marketing Automation platform to fuel your account-based programs
The visual, collaborative workplace tool for account based planning and selling
Achieve predictable revenue growth with the 6sense Account Engagement Platform
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