Today’s revenue leaders face an ever-increasing challenge: the complexity of revenue generation.

As marketing programs continue to become more complex, the number of channels are increasing, and with more and more technology being thrown in the face of sales and marketing departments, creating a predictable revenue stream is becoming increasingly difficult.

Buyers are tired of being nurtured, emailed, cold called, and retargeted. Their goal is to quickly identify whether a specific product addresses their needs and move on.

Bumpy handovers between marketing, sales and customer success teams, endless qualification processes, and generic marketing content do little to provide them value.

PMG’s Buyer Engagement Model

PMG’s buyer engagement model answers sellers’ challenges with buyers’ needs in mind:
Leverage granular engagement stages that combine marketing, sales and customer success teams to create a seamless B2B buyer experience.
Untangle revenue operation by creating tactical impact focused programs that perfectly align seller and buyers’ needs.
Simplify marketing and sales motions enough to make them predictable and scalable.
Base your strategy and tactics on a deep understanding of the buying processes of enterprise and mid market companies.
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