G2 Intent

G2 is the largest and most trusted software marketplace in the world. Each year, more than 90 million verified buyers visit G2 to research software. With G2 Buyer Intent – marketing, sales, and customer success teams get crucial intel needed to reach in-market buyers at the right time, every time.

PMG Intent Activation

Buying tech is easy, making it work is complex. PMG’s intent activation service weaves G2 signals into marketing campaigns, sales motions, and strategic decision making processes, turning your organization to an intent driven GTM machine.

G2 + PMG helps you leverage buyer intent for demand generation, ABM, churn reduction, sales prioritization, and campaign optimization.

Leverage Intent Strategically with PMG and G2

Intent activation programs for reduced CAC, optimized ABM initiatives, sales prioritization, outbound personalization, and churn reduction
Customized stack integration programs for RevOps teams
Customized intent signal analysis and insights
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